Beginnings – Where to Start

I should be an old hand at this.  I’ve been homeschooling for eleven years and have kept various blogs over the years.  I have four sons and a wonderful husband and you’ll get to know them as the months and years go on.

I used to have a blog elsewhere, but the blog wasn’t very user friendly and at times was down right frustrating (one should not be sitting there cursing while blogging).

This blog will mostly be about homeschooling and homemaking.  My kids like having a place to show what we’ve been up to – no I do not force this on my family, they gladly invite this form of display into their lives.  I keep my children’s names hidden for privacy so they have strange blog names like Edison, Dark Panda, Robinhood, and VanGogh.  I like blogging during the school year as it keeps me a little accountable for our activities and I find I need that sometimes.  Homemaking is a bit a solitary experience as far as adult companionship is concerned and blogging and meeting other homeschoolers/homemakers, family and friends through the internet is a joy.

I do have to focus on our work here and make sure I don’t get too distracted in other places so I may be slow to answer comments, but I will get to them (I hope to anyway 🙂  ).

I think that about covers it for now.  If you come here in the early days know that I’m still working on setting up the blog so ‘pardon our dust’ — but come back and make yourself at home, there is coffee and tea brewing – the door as they say is always open 🙂  .